2013 Design Competition

Best In Show/Specialty

Madison Butterfield

Bringham Young University – The Wall

wall1 wall2 wall3 wall4

New Construction

1st Place – Julie Lencyzycki 

Western Michigan University – New Archives Building

seib1 seib2 seib3 seib4

2nd Place – Anna Ruth Gatlin

Auburn University – South Donahue Dormitory

south (1) south (2) south (3) south4

Renovation Under $50K

1st Place – Alyssa Marlo

University of Missouri – Memorial Union Lobby

memorial (2) memorial (3) memorial (4) memorial4

2nd Place – Ashley Latinen

Michigan State University – Olds Hall Idea Room

olds1 olds2 olds3 olds4

3rd Place (Tie) – Lorie Shook

Truman State University – Pershing Small Gym

pershing (1) pershing (2) pershing (3) pershing (4)

3rd Place (Tie) – Sheri Harper

Western Michigan University – Seibert Admin Bathroom Remodel

seibert (1) seibert (2) seibert (3) seibert (4)

Renovation $50K-$150K

1st Place – Tanya Zhuravlev

Michigan State University – Ernst & Young Communication Center

ernst1 ernst2 ernst3 ernst4

2nd Place – Sheila Gassnerr

Lincoln University of Missouri – Page Library Coffee Shop

page (1) page (2) page (3) page (4)

3rd Place (Tie) – Cyndi Curnutte

University of Missouri – Mizzou Arena Women’s Basketball Lounge

mizz1 mizz2 mizz3 mizz4

3rd Place (Tie) – Sheri Harper

Western Michigan University – Bill Brown Meeting Hall

bill (1) bill (2) bill (3) bill (4)

Renovation Over $150K

1st Place – Holly Hodge

Elon University – Moseley Center Student Hangout

moseley (1) moseley (2) moseley (3) moseley (4)

2nd Place – Tanya Zhuravlev & Deena Whitbeck

Michigan State University – Shaw Hall Dining Facility

shaw1 shaw2 shaw3 shaw4

3rd Place – Sheri Harper

Western Michigan University – College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Advising

cas1 cas2 cas3 cas4

3rd Place (Tie) – Christine Lockwood & Tanya Zhuravlev

Michigan State University – Armstrong Hall

armstrong1 armstrong2 armstrong3 armstrong4