1976 Concept of AUID Introduced

The concept of such an organization began in several places simultaneously. In 1976, JoAnna Henegar, a Designer for Physical Facilities at Indiana University, wanted to initiate contact with other in-house..Read More

1979 AUID Founded

AUID was founded in 1979 after In-House designers at several Midwestern Universities found the need to communicate and share ideas on how to provide their institutions with safe, functional, cost..Read More

1980 The Clearstory First Published

The Clearstory, AUID’s newsletter, began its yearly publication in 1980. Its format includes updates on the Neocon event, summaries of Conference seminars and guest speaker topics, as well as, other..Read More

1999 First AUID Website Built

With the advance in Internet technology, AUID developed its first website during the years 1999-2000. The site provides membership, scholarship and application information, in addition to web links to sites..Read More

2000 First AUID Scholarship Awarded

Since one of AUID’s goals is the commitment to providing professional services to our Institutions now and for the future, the first AUID Scholarships were awarded in 2000. The scholarships..Read More

2016 AUID Website Redesigned

In 2016, AUID teamed up with The Center for Applied Informatics at Northern Kentucky University. The AUID website was completely transformed into a modern and responsive design. Back to Timeline


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