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With over 100 members nationwide, AUID provides a network and resource to engage in the sharing of information, discussion of issues, solution of problems, and the management of interior design at institutions of higher education. | AUID continues to increase the education of members through CEUs and to foster the education of future interior designers through annual student scholarships | AUID and its members continually seek to raise the professional level of interior design practice in higher education with our passion for good design by demonstrating the impact we have on public health, safety, and welfare while balancing with best business practice at our institutions


Our Members

AUID has 113 memberships across 29 states in the U.S.



“I feel like I’ve established life long friendships that will be
beneficial on a professional and personal level for years to come.”
– Brenda E. | “The greatest benefit is the networking that happens along the way.”
– Elaine B. | “To be with so many designers with such diverse experience is beyond valuable.”
– Karen N. | “I agree that AUID conferences are awesome and way more beneficial than seeing the new stuff at Neocon!”
– Susan C. | “I find the annual conference to be a very good measuring
stick to compare how we are doing.”
– Terri S. | “If I were to select between NeoCON and AUID, it would be AUID hands down.”
– Tracy S. | “The experience is invaluable.”
– Sheri H. | “I’ve been coming to the conferences since the mid 80’s, they’re an incredible resource. It is so beneficial to see how other Universities deal with the same situations that I deal with. Always inspiring!”
– Dan Stephenson