AUID hosts an annual student scholarship that supports collegiate students pursuing a degree in the interior design field.

Since 2015, AUID has awarded over $100,000 in student scholarships.

The call for applicants is held in the Spring and Summer each year. Winners are announced in the Fall in unison at the annual AUID Conference Design Awards. This year, AUID will have two categories of scholarship: Undergraduate and Graduate. If you are interested in applying, please click on the appropriate scholarship below for more information.

Scholarship Recipients

Undergraduate Recipients

  • Courtney Thomas, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Nadeen Sharabi, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Abbie Simon, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • Hailey Parkison, Washington State University
  • Mike Sprietzer, Eastern Michigan University
  • Rachel Luchsinger, Iowa State University

Graduate Recipient

  • Heliya Ahmadi, Iowa State University
  • Emma Coyle, Auburn University
  • Maya Gaynier, Eastern Michigan University
  • Jennifer Lee, Indiana University
  • Afton Reich, Eastern Michigan University
  • Erin Allen, University of Georgia
  • Leigh Bills, Missouri State University
  • Jordan Ellison-Piloiu, University of Georgia
  • Bridget Kennedy, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2021 Recipients

Olive Guess, Miami University of Ohio; Lindsay Lovvorn, Auburn University; Kiara Henry, Indiana University; Kristyn Plank, Western Michigan

2020 Recipients

Virginia Macoy, Auburn University; Abigail Koster, Indiana University; Katherine Pruitt, Indiana University

2019 Recipients

Andrea Ruiz, University of North Texas; Casie Stuut, Eastern Michigan University; Liwam Beraki, Purdue University

2018 Recipients

Rachael Snow, Auburn University; Brock Terwilleger, University of Memphis; Jaemi Anne Guieb, University of Memphis

2017 Recipients

Natalie Linton, Indiana University; Mary Levengood, Eastern Michigan University

2016 Recipients

Joseph Danielsen, Iowa State University; Rebecca Van Lue, University of Missouri

2015 Recipients

Jessenia Barron-Cohen, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Christine Wulfekuhle, Iowa State University; 

2014 Recipients

Annalise Dietzen, Purdue University; Miranda Thomaston, Western Michigan University

2013 Recipients

Erika Watson, Iowa State University; Marie McKenna Cornell University; Samantha Geraci, Cornell University

2012 Recipients

Meghan Reichert, Iowa State University; Hannah Ryman, University of Missouri; Anna Breithaupt, Michigan State University