Reply To: LVT in Residence Halls

May 20, 2024 at 9:17 am #2997

We are in the process of removing all carpet from the halls as well. We have a mix: some have LVT only in the corridors with VCT still in the suites (we typically use a thicker material with sound backing for the acoustic concerns, and other buildings have LVT throughout the corridors and suites. We are currently under construction on a new res hall, which will be a Bentley Mills LVT throughout, with FLOR rugs in specific common areas. I will say: our maintenance team bought new floor scrubbers machines to make sure the LVT is being properly cleaned, but there are some areas that if the light hits it just right you can see some slight scuffs starting to form….like turning into the elevators and such.
Our housing maintenance staff was struggling to keep available attic stock of the former carpet tiles, as many had become discontinued over the years and really couldn’t keep up with the replacement needs along with all the other residence hall maintenance schedules.
Also, the carpet tiles were NASTY.