Reply To: Online “design board”

May 17, 2024 at 1:05 pm #2995

We use Pinterest as a visual tack board to keep track of FF&E that are good resources or inspire us. We’ve also used it to keep track of things that would normally be in a “misc” file folder so we’re less likely to forget about them. I’ve also created specific boards for projects.
I like it, because I have a Pinterest browser extension on Google Chrome and Mozilla..and an app on my phone..that allows me to pin pretty much any image from the internet directly to a board Our Purdue Housing board is:
I also use it personally to keep track of lists visually. For example, books I want to read, favorite movies, recipes, nostalgic toys/shows/etc. So it really can function in a couple of ways to hold onto items visually.

I’ve also seen others use Milanote but I haven’t dove into it.
Happy Friday!
Laura Werts
Purdue University