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    • October 18, 2023 at 10:30 am #2556

      Meghan Deal from University of Missouri had asked: “I am looking for a new signage company. Our local companies are just not working out. Anyone use an online company that they have been happy with?”

      We use a company called WorkPlace Signs – we are based in Milwaukee, WI and they are in Cincinnati, OH. On one large project our account manager visited on site and had a team do install, but in the 6 years I’ve been here that’s the only time I’ve met them. I think my institution has been using this company for like 20+ years. Our account manager is amazing and is SO responsive via email. They are a 2/90 sign distributor which is our sign standard we use. I am already dreading the day she leaves but I have had nothing but success with them. When there are errors, the factory corrects quickly and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever received any damaged signage, just sometimes an error in color or size, etc.

      To reiterate, this is for our interior signage such as wayfinding, directories, office signs, workstation signs, etc. Attached is an example of a deliverable from them for a project when we wanted all our sign types categorized.

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