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      Who uses project management software and what is it? Likes/dislikes?

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      Copy/paste a great convo from the emails here:

      Hi Friends,

      Wondering what software/application you use for project management purposes to track all your various design/renovation/construction projects. Ideally, it would be a one-stop shop for all important project-related data and tracking. The ability to collaborate or invite team members is a plus. Does anyone just absolutely LOVE their project management tool and want to share!?! I’m also open to suggestions of what to avoid!!! 😆

      Thanks much!
      Anna Laird

      We are all-in on using Procore around here.
      Abby T. Owen

      My favorite is a CA platform called MetaBIM; I just got if for my campus and in process of setting it up. When done, happy to show you what 50-interrelated databases in the cloud can do. In a nutshell, it is a one platform for all facilities, property, leases, drawings, floorplans, etc. collection. Best, Kat

      The Univ of TN is in the midst of changing from Archibus to Dash software. Since Dash won’t do everything we want it to do, our PM team has been looking at software more specific to what we do. We’re finding that not many interface nicely with Dash. After weeding through several, we are strongly considering Kahua which appears to provide 99% of what we need.
      To maximize the software, we would require contractors to use it. IF they choose to continue to use Procore, PlanGrid, etc, they can but they would be doubling their efforts since they’ll have to use ours.
      Thank you,

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